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Plans for 2023 are underway

- Community Program & Business Collaborations 

- Village Café Resource App

-Brick & Mortor Location for the Youth Café

-Food Truck #2


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The purchase of our mobile unit will allow us to hire  community youth and provide much-needed direct support services throughout the city.

Whether you are hiring us to cater a meal, show up at your event, or through your generous contribution, together we are able to make a difference in the lives of youth, families, and community.

"The Bougie Waffle started on a borrowed food cart. Yep, we sure did. But before we got to that food cart, I sold waffles for $5 bucks out of my kitchen. After 20 years in juvenile corrections, a significant shift in the future delivery of adolescent services forced me to make the decision of a lifetime. I left for a mini vacation to Las Vegas with friends in April of 2021, only to come back to the news that our treatment facility would shut down by the end of the year. 

I did some soul-searching. Contemplating my future, I dealt with significant grief and depression during this time. I initially thought it was from leaving a place to which I had dedicated my life. I loved working with young people, particularly those deemed aggressive, dangerous, or irredeemable. I knew a little something about labels. 

Thanks to my therapist, I got to the root of my feelings. Ultimately, I realized that I no longer wanted to work with young people who were handcuffed and inside locked facilities. I got honest and admitted that for a long time I felt that [the system] was doing more harm and that I was burnt out from the fight to make meaningful changes within. Through this work on myself, I accepted that this closure was precisely what I needed. 

For many years, I dreamt of a space where we could make meaningful impact BEFORE system involvement. So, instead of being forced into a position that would put me back in the confines of a juvenile detention facility, I resigned and decided it was time to bet on myself. 

Within six months of launching, The Bougie Waffle has become a full-fledged business and a dream realized. It is all a testament to our work ethic, tenacity, teamwork, and, oh yes, OUR FOOD! I am proud to say that, The Bougie Waffles is gaining a reputation for having fantastic, unique, beautiful, and versatile food, but we are more than that. Through The Bougie Waffle, we can provide youth with valuable resources to keep them from making impulsive anti-social decisions as a means of survival, BEFORE it becomes a way of life. In the years to come, we will see the first-ever youth cafe, a safe space dedicated to serving underserved youth, in Minneapolis. Until then, we will continue to grow our business, sell our delicious sweet & savory waffles, and be a rolling example of what happens when you replace system involvement with community care." - JNW.



Our success has been made possible because of people like you.


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